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    Curl Up to Next to the Smoker with a Good BBQ Cookbook

    By Dru Chai I love curling up next the grill/smoker to read a good BBQ cookbook. Okay, maybe not literally curl up to the smoker. A lawn chair will do just fine. Here are a few books that I recently checked out for this year’s BBQ season. Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ Excellent, all-around BBQ […]

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    white bbq sauce

    White Barbecue Sauce – Seriously?

    The Myth of White Barbecue Sauce – It Does Exist! Red BBQ sauce is, in its simplest form, a basic blend of tomatoes, sugar and vinegar. The sauce base can be tomato sauce, paste, puree and even ketchup (on a budget). Sugar brings sweetness to the barbecue sauce and may either be corn syrup, honey or molasses. The […]

  • damn

    Barbecue History – Own It Or Eat It?

    bar·be·cue ˈbärbəˌkyo͞o/ noun  a meal or gathering at which meat, fish, or other food is cooked out of doors on a rack over an open fire or grill. verb cook (meat, fish, or other food) on a barbecue. Herein lies the conundrum. From where we are from, we have never been to a barbecue. A […]

  • bbq pro

    So You Want To Be A BBQ Pro?

    Competition bbq professionals spend years perfecting every aspect of their barbecue. Yes, they develop their own sauces, marinades and rubs, but they also study every other detail that can affect the outcome of their food – including the size of the smoker, the perfect temperature, the perfect wood or charcoal and exactly how to place the […]

  • grilled rack of lamd

    Grilled Rack of Lamb on the Big Green Egg

    Courtesy of: howtobbqright.com This time of year you can easily find lamb at the grocery store – and especially at Sams and Costco. Chell really loves lamb so I always make sure to cook her at least one lamb dish in the spring. I start this recipe off by buying a couple of racks of […]

  • dry brine turkey

    How to Dry Brine Turkey in 3 Easy Steps

    Original Source: The Dirty Smoke By Dru Chai Everyone thinks smoking or deep frying a turkey will guarantee juicy and flavorful meat. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The key is to brine the turkey, and to cook the turkey to the correct temperature. I started brining my turkey 4 years ago — wish I did […]

  • bbq sauce

    About Barbecue Sauce – A Primer

    What would grilling or barbecue be without barbecue sauce? Either slowly cooking into the meat in a barbecue, or forming a thick tasty glaze on grilled food, outdoor cooking just would not be the same without a good barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauces vary from region to region, and from chef to chef. If you go […]

  • build your own smoker

    Build Your Own Smoker

    BBQ smoker plans for anyone to build a smoker in just one weekend. And yes, we do mean anyone! Not only that, you can save a stack of money. How much would a smoker of this size and versatility cost you to buy? ……$400?…..$500? probably more. Whatever your meat or food preference, this smoker has […]