Man Runs Back Into Burning House To Save His Barbecue Ribs

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Before you ask, because we had to, yes – this really happened. Robert Wright of Fresno, California, sprinted to his kids when he realized his house had caught fire.

Ensuring they were a safe distance from the blaze, he knew he was forgetting something very important, the barbecue ribs he’d left on the grill!

Knowing that these little ribs were scared, and terrified of burning in the fire (they knew they needed to be perfect, they were smart ribs), so they eagerly awaited their savior, Mr. Wright.

During an interview with KMPH Fox, Wright said this:

“I thought about my ribs. Like, I didn’t want to let my ribs burn because I take pride in what I do.”

No national tragedy here, his kids are alive and well, if just a little shaken up, and the ribs look tender and delicious. Maybe next time he’ll keep his eye more on the ribs that can cause a house fire!

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