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  • The Best Cheap Barbecue Joints Around DC

    This is a sneak peek into our July Cheap Eats issue, a guide to ethnic dining around the region—from Afghan kebabs to Uyghur noodles and Vietnamese sandwiches, all for less than $25 a person. Want the rest of the list before it goes online? Get a FREE Cheap Eats issue + our 100 Very Best Restaurants […]

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    How a Southern California Barbecue Chain Is Trying to Master Texas-Style Brisket

        It’s too difficult to get good quality smoked brisket in California. Chalk it up to a lack of barbecue culture, which has been ingrained in other parts of the country like Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and the Carolinas for generations. California’s own brand of ‘cue, known as Santa Maria-style, employs a direct heat source […]

  • Eating Out: Barbeque place really on flames

          It felt like the hottest day in living memory and, as temperatures nudged the 30-degrees mark in the middle of a Steel City heatwave, Sheffield was melting. What better occasion, we mused, to try out Fire Pit BBQ, a new start-up on West Street which replaced a chicken takeaway and completed a […]

  • A Hamburger by Any Other Name

    This is the land of the old-fashioned hamburger. Found in small restaurants hugging railroads tracks that crisscross the counties of northeast Mississippi, northwestern Alabama and lower Tennessee. These hamburgers defy hunger and solitude in a region where many workers worry over their next paycheck. Made with beef, pork, or both; extended with oatmeal, soymeal grits, […]

  • Grill Gear Reviews – books and gadgets

    This is a contributing post written by Grill Girl’s Dad, Eddie Medlin. You can read all about him here!  I remember a bbq friend of mine telling me about he had seen a smoker that uses compressed hardwood pellets as fuel for the heat. This was foreign to me since I had always used either […]

  • Hot Gut Snappin’

    I don’t want to see you messing around with a fork and knife when served one of Lewis Barbecue’s Texas hot guts sausages. The stuff of tube meat legend, pitmaster John Lewis’ hot guts deserve a more animalistic approach. I’m talking hands on, rip that sucker apart with your teeth consumption. The pay-off? A rubberband […]

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    Why Texas Needs To Be Your Next Vacation Destination

    Have you ever noticed how people from Texas are literally obsessed with it? When you head to any destination in the state, you see the emblem of the state flag on pretty much every piece of merchandise imaginable. But then you visit Texas, and you see exactly why everyone is obsessed with it. Texas has […]

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    Aw Shit! Special Shit BBQ Seasoning Hits the Spot

      By Dru Chai Summer is slowly winding down, and I’ve been busy trying out a variety of BBQ products. There are countless types of BBQ sauces and rubs out in the market, and most — if not all — pretty much use the same ingredients. So how can a business stand out from the crowd? Recently […]

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    Barbecue History – Own It Or Eat It?

    bar·be·cue ˈbärbəˌkyo͞o/ noun  a meal or gathering at which meat, fish, or other food is cooked out of doors on a rack over an open fire or grill. verb cook (meat, fish, or other food) on a barbecue. Herein lies the conundrum. From where we are from, we have never been to a barbecue. A […]