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    Behind The Testicle Festival

    Via Rocky Mountain oysters or — as the Tonto Apache Tribe billed them — testicles. One first-time connoisseur captured what many were thinking, “It feels morally wrong, but it tastes good.” Despite that, plenty of people came to enjoy the delicacy. Mike Kitts, the Hospitality Director for the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino, ordered 150 […]

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    West Tennessee Whole Hog

    By Daniel Vaughn Whole hog cooking used to be a way of life for small communities between Memphis and Nashville. These days, North and South Carolina are better known for this particular barbecue art form, but sizzling hogs over wood coals was thriving practice in Tennessee just a couple decades ago. Today, thanks to a […]

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    Chili’s Revived the Baby Back Ribs Jingle and It’s Terrible

    As far as iconic jingles go, Chili’s “Baby Back Ribs” ditty ranks up there with “The best part of waking up…” and “Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.” The floundering casual dining chain recently announced it’s downsizing its bloated menu in an attempt to improve its food quality, and to go […]

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    Restaurant Review | City Tavern

    The team operating City Tavern must welcome a challenge. When City Tavern opened in March in the former Wonder Bread building, it replaced a business that had failed twice in the same space — both as Cray Eatery and Drinkery and then as the rebranded Factory on Fourth. And because the bar on typical bar […]